362 replies to “e-Safety – Top Tips!

  1. Never give your personal details to anyone you don't know, bad and dangerous things can happen to you. Farida 6CP


  2. Remember this simple rule when posting thing online: If you wouldn't show it to your Mum, don't upload it to social media, once something is in cyberspace, it's there forever- Thomas 6CP


  3. Do not message anyone you do not know! If someone messages you that u dont know , TELL AN ADULT or DONT MESSAGE BACK!Alisha Iqbal 6CP


  4. whenever you buy something online, always check for a padlock in the search box, if there isn't one, the website may not be trustworthy.Adam 6CP.


  5. The internet is NOT YOUR LIFE.It`s talking to a someone in disguise, just not in person. But imagine talking to someone in reality wearing mask, how would you feel??????????????????????????????????????????????Maya 6CP


  6. if you have a best friend online you can't always trust them they might be trying to get close to you so you will tell them information about yourself so they can give out that information. Isa 4GK


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